Sunday, 17 January 2016

It's the little things

Don't you find its the little t makes your heart smile, for me it's seeing the smoke rise up from the Chinese hat on the roof of the lorry or the sun shining through the grass rainbow
I still haven't found the last orange bowl/bottle to fill the gap but maybe this year I'll stumble across something in the charity shops.
I've added an electric hot plate to the kitchen, as I don't like using the gas works a treat.
I even added a small travel electric kettle too for friends when they come to stay. (Hidden in the cupboard so not shown) .im off to enjoy the winter sunshine on the decking this morning, maybe write a poem or two.
I've been busy sewing quilts recently, here's a photo of the three in my shop.


Anne Wilson said...

If you fail to find an orange bottle or bowl you could get some orange glass paint and paint one the colour you want.

northsider dave said...

Love your patchwork quilts Bedford Gypsy. They make great presents to pass down to future generations. We have 6 or 7 that my grandmother made over forty years ago and they still keep us warm.