Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Laundry Day notecards now available

My newest notecard called Laundry Day is now ready and listed in my shop. Grab them while you can....

Monday, 27 April 2015

Blossoms in spring

The cherry blossom has really come out these last few days, and today the sun is shining again.

The fruit trees are also coming out in blossom

(Sorry the photos are at an angle but I can't undo that on here today for some reason.)
The magnolia tree is starting to flower and the herbs are also doing well, especially the tarragon which almost disappeared but now seems to be growing at full speed.

The comfrey has started to shoot, and the lovely dandelions are in the grass again. I love them, I know many people regard them as weeds but they have medicinal properties. Also under the Buddlia bush the dark tulips are now flowering. It's lovely walking through the wood this time of year.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Hand stamped gift labels with hare designs

New listings- set of five hand stamped gift labels with two hare designs in soft muted tone colours.
Each design is taken from one of my original oil paintings of hares and hand carved into a rubber stamp then printed onto good quality gift labels.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Laundry day

Yesterday the sun was shining and I spent the afternoon photographing my new notecard called Laundry Day, (which will be available soon.)There was a slight breeze so the clothes hung beautifully on the old skipping rope wash line I made. Even with the sun out the little camp fire was very welcoming.

I used all my vintage dresses and tops which I regularly wear. The old tin bath is a new addition to me. I have wanted one for many years, even bought one a few years back....filled it up in my kitchen and started to bathe in it, only to find it leaked! This one I am happy to say does not. It will come with me on my travels to be used as a bath and to do laundry in.
You see some of my gypsy pegs in this photo, so much better than plastic things!
So here's a sneak peek at the finished notecard. Like I said it will be out soon.
I have also been busy making my clothes pins/pegs and also some handprinted gift tags which I have made from rubber stamps I have carved.

It's another lovely sunny day so I'm off out now to carry on building the glass bottle eco loo in the wood. 
Here's a photo of the lady I pass each day as she runs past.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

First peg bundle

Yesterday I finished my first little bundle of pegs. All handmade from hazel branches.
They are now waiting for when I go out with my pedlars tray to sell along side my notecards.
I'll see how popular they are as to if I'm going to make any more. The previous pegs I've made and kept I have been using and they work well on the washing line, even in the wind.

Making hazel pegs

After building in the morning, I spent yesterday afternoon sitting out in the sun making hazel clothes pegs. It was another beautiful day. I have decided to make a bundle of pegs to sell on the pedlars tray.
Today's going to be much the same, build in the morning, walk the dogs then make pegs in the afternoon. I am hoping something will arrive in the post today which will enable me to photograph the next notecards too. Busy, busy, busy :)

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Such a beautiful day

It was such a beautiful day that I decided to get up and build. The sun was shining, the dogs were laying out on their blanket. So here are a few photos to show you how it's coming along.

Friday, 17 April 2015

Pedlar tray

Here is my little pedlars tray I have just made, all ready and stocked up with my new postcards and notecards ready to go out and about selling. I have left a certain amount still in my etsy shop, but all these have been allocated for selling with a pedlars license.
Some new cards have arrived too- Daisies, The road less travelled, The Gypsy Camp and The Peg Maker.
I have made a hazel arch at the bottom of the wood from sticks my neighbour was throwing out. 
Here are a few colours that are in the wood at the moment.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Update on the lorry decking extension

Well here is a little update on the decking extension I was having built next to the lorry. Work has come to a halt for the moment. I had to let the guy who started it go, he made FAR TOO many mistakes. He was a friends brother so I thought I could trust him, but alas no. He has done numerous things wrong both structurally and otherwise. The main thing being that he has laid my beautiful ready made  flooring (which I sourced from huge pallets that racing cars are transported on) and broken it all into small pieces and put in on the ground where the underneath storage for garden chairs is. I had collected normal pallets for that purpose and old doors! I now have to search out new flooring at the additional cost of around £300/£450. Huge let down.
He did not follow my initial planning sketches and the size seems to have doubled. I am going to have to get the council planning guys in to check it out before the builder (yes an actual builder this time, who will follow instructions) re starts the build in a few weeks time.
The frame work he made does not include the tree trunk corner structures to hold the weight of the roof. I thought it strange when he was building it, but just thought the tree trunks would sit inside the frame. Only on his last day working that I noticed he had put smaller pieces of wood joined together for that purpose. So I also lost my tree truck supports which you will know are important to my buildings in the wood, one because it was to reflect the growing trees I have planted all around and also to match the tree trunk support in my bottle build next to the lorry I am building  as a composting loo.
I have never been so let down before. There are numerous other things that I won't go into as it's too upsetting, but I thought as I regularly blog about my building progress I should also blog about why this build has come to a sudden halt.
I now await the bank holiday to be over so I can contact the council and collect the quotes from the builder and get the ball rolling once more. I hope that next time I blog about this build it will be on a happier note. I have an awful feeling that all his work will have to be taken down and re done properly, and to how I originally wanted it in the first place which will be of additional cost. Maybe I should bill him for? Any thoughts/ help or advice please contact me.

Branching out

My little shop is branching out with new notecards which feature scenic landscape photographs of the local Norfolk landscapes. My first one being a lovely quiet lane in the near by village. I've called the card "The road less travelled"  (top left corner above). There will be more peaceful scenes turned into notecards over the summer months.
"Daisies" the second card (top right above) is a photograph taken in my mums garden, she was lucky enough to live in a little wood on the edge of the forest.
Then finally the third card is called " The gypsy camp" (bottom of the photo above) this is a little campfire I made in my paddock. For those of you who have seen my Etsy shop may recognise it as it was taken the same day I did "My seasonal larder" postcard.
All three will be available to buy soon. Thank you for reading.
Also please come and join me on Facebook, I have a new page and you can find a link to it above in the top right corner of my blog.
Wishing you all a happy Easter :)