Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Meet Oliver

August was a bad month for me with my allergies so I haven't been building, instead I repaired my old bike that has been in the old stable for the past ten years, riding has become my new hobby.
Then September came around quicker than expected so I started building again. The red car door slowly began to dissappear into the build and I started building the breeze blocks into walls.
The first of three stained glass windows was put in on the middle wall. I put it in the sideways to start with but the following day I removed in and placed it on its side
It really is very colourful when the sun shines through the bottles
Then the second stained glass window went in, the red car door is now almost fully covered and built in. I decided to keep the smaller window by adding a coloured plate and the bottom to a butter/cheese dish to make another stained glass window effect.
I have began to build up on the back wall where the wooden window frame will be going, ready for it to be placed in after its glazed.

These last two photos are how the build now stands todate. I have put in the old milk bottle I found in a vintage shop in London while visiting my daughter, I swapped it for a vintage dress I was hoping to sell. It is by the side of the second stained glass window in the middle wall. It has really began to take shape now and in the evening while relaxing with the dogs I have begun to work out what I will be making the roof out of. I have many ideas including rubber tiles made from recycled car tyres to a meadow ~grass roof.

We have had a new addition to our little family by the way of a very handsome little boy called Oliver. He is a dachshund and he has settled in so well with the girls. He is just so adorable.