Saturday, 28 June 2014

Summer Solstice 2014

Well the Summer Solstice came around fast, and here are just a few photos we took before the party started
We had two seated areas, one by the campfire and one by the chimnea, we also had a small gazebo which held the food and drinks, including a Sweet Station
We dug the composting loo for the last year as next year I am hoping the bottle brick build will be finished
 Then all we had to do was wait until everyone arrived
It was another wonderful Solstice, we even had a hot air balloon fly over us, thats three years in total it has been the right weather for ballooning. Much wine was drunk, food consumed, laugther and chatting around the fires until the early hours as we watched the stars and the embers die out.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

A colourful corner

I decided to get up early again this morning and do the last bag of mortar before the Solstice.So this is bag 7 and row 7 the corner looks quite colourful now and the bottles look like little jewels.
I have added a row of small clear bottles where the walk way into the loo is  so to add light along the floor line.

Monday, 16 June 2014

The process of making bottle bricks

How to make a bottle brick~First you have to collect some glass bottles, luckily there was a wedding in the next village this weekend so on Sunday afternoon I tootled off in the car to collect their empties.
My little car was packed to bursting, I even had boxes of bottles in the bonnet. Then you start cutting the bottles to your desired width.
And pair them up so they match in size, wash them and leave them to dry in the sun
Then after giving them a clean with a cloth, you tape them together to make a bottle brick. Then I box them up ready to use.
After that process you will be left with a lot of bottle heads, I fill three bottle heads into one so it saves on space, and then you have to take them to the bottle bank for recycling.
Then you start all over again, and again until you have finished your building project!

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Early one sunday morning

What do you do at 5.30 am on a sunday morning when you can't sleep? Build a bottle brick wall of course!
With the Summer Solstice less than a week away now I have loads to do to get ready for the gathering I hold each year.
So a bright and early start seemed logical. This is the sixth row and in it I have added little decorative jars,

glasses, tea light holders, jugs and even a decanter top
The dogs seem to accept that an early start building is the norm now, they could stay in the house but they seem to like company. Pumpkin (pictured above) likes to stay close by, infact she fell asleep on my coat, while Booty goes off in search of the many moles we seem to have in the wood.
I did not build yesterday but instead got on with various other projects. I am hoping to do some strimming before we have company this afternoon, and even though we did not get any rain the grey clouds look promising today. My trees could really do with a rainfall.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Trifle bowls and jelly moulds

Yesterday I broke my rule of building only one bag of mortar a day, even though it was about 25 degrees hot and I had no shade I was very glad with the result. After going off to the recycling centre to drop off the bottle tops ( and meeting a lady who lives nearby and has kindly agreed to donate a load of bottles) I went into the local charity shop and found a few trifle bowls which I taped together to make larger bricks.

I also had an old jelly mould which I taped togeher with a Rose wine bottle end and placed it in the corner
I also added a couple of blue bottle bricks on the fifth row
It is started to really come together. It takes me a while to cut every bottle then tape them together and then recycle the tops, but I am doing it all on my own and I am rather pleased how far it has come already. The base is only 8ft x 8 ft so its a small build, not like the wonderful earthship builds (which one day I can only dream to build.) There is a wedding in the next village this weekend I am hoping to collect their empty bottles next week....more free bricks.
I have some little art projects underway for the inside wall so I am hoping it will rain today to water the trees and give me a day off building to do the other projects.

Friday, 13 June 2014

A splash of colour

The chives are in full bloom and they add a welcome splash of colour to the wood, the climbing roses ~"Ethel" are finally also coming into bloom too, I planted them last year but they did not flower so it has been a long wait but I think it will be worth the wait.
I was out again at 6am this morning doing to the fourth row on the composting loo. I have started adding the blue bottles now the walls are getting a bit higher.
I have had two more deliveries of bottles so I will be out again in a moment cutting the bricks.The butterflies are drawn to the build, it must be the colours, but it is nice to see them flying about while building.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Another early start

It was another early start in Bedford Wood this morning, I was out building at 6.30am just before the sun climbs up over the neighbours willow tree. I have started to add more interesting shaped and coloured bottles now onto row three.
The large jars were rescued from the recycling centre and these two have made a nice brick. I spent the rest of the morning making the last of the bricks, and now I am out of bottles so will have to go out collecting once again.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Garbage Warrior

I love the fact that people can make things out of what other people I have spent most of the day cutting up bottles that people have donated for my composting loo and that have been stored in my garage for the last year. Here are a few drying out in the sun before I tape them together to make bricks. As you can see I use glasses, jars, bottles and even old jelly moulds.
This little lot was waiting to be loaded into my car for my third trip of the day to the recycling centre. RECYCLE RECYCLE RECYLE! I am hoping to build row three tomorrow, and I probably have enough bricks to build up to row five, then I will be out of bottles, so if there is anyone local reading this, please I need more bottles. Thank you :)

Monday, 9 June 2014

One muggy day

Yesterday I started building up the second row at 7am, it was so hot. We did not even get the thunderstorms we were predicted which would have watered the trees and cooled the air. The second row did not quite reach the other corner, but you can almost see the effect it will have once it is built up. Todays chore is more bottle cutting.
Then later in the atfernoon I popped out and bought a few more herbs for the garden,(seen in the background of the above photo.)

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Finished herb garden

We were predicted thunderstorms this afternoon, so I decided to fill in the herb garden with compost, manure etc so I could plant up the herbs.(It is very muggy out there so a thunderstorm would be very welcomed). I planted sage, thyme, tarragon, rosemary, oregano and balm. I can always add a few more of each herb at a later date. No bad for only two weeks work.
All the medicinal plants are planted around the lorry so now I can keep all my herbs seperate in here.