Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Odd jobs in the lorry.

Today I have taken a break from sewing and planting and have done a few little odd jobs that needed doing in the lorry. Firstly I put up a small little shelf near the sofa and just below my bed area. Then I put up a photo I had printed from one of my dads slides, it's of trees. That fitted neatly in by the corner of the kitchen area.
I also finished a painting on one of the cupboards of a hare ( not shown as still wet) but I have taken photos of my previous little paintings that sit just above the sofas on either side that are now dry.

The sun was shining into the lorry today so one photo looks dull and the other one bright. The dogs enjoyed sitting about in the wood and the lorrys cab, both enjoying this lovely warming sunshine. The fly curtain for the lorry door is almost finished but I have ran out of thread again, photos at a later date.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Heather, bulbs and free trees

Yesterday I walked past a shop selling purple heather and a few daffodil bulbs so they became the latest additions to the lorrys small garden. I originally only wanted edible plants and plants with medicinal properties but daffodils bring back happy childhood memories, they might not be my favourite flowers
But our garden was covering in them and each year we viewed a blanket of yellow. We lived next to an old farm and my dad built a house in a walled field which used to have pigs in. Anyway the bottom garden was where the daffodils were and as we lived in a little village there was a lane running along the bottom of the wall where I just to sit handing out these flowers to everyone who was walking past to get to the hall and large park in our village.
I also dug up six suckers from the cherry blossom tree my eldest daughter and my dad planted many years ago. They now are planted in the wood, I'd like to get the original tree out and replant it but I think the roots might be too large. There's a few photos of some of the suckers. I am also making a pretty fly guard curtain for the lorrys door, along with some unusual wedding bunting too, more on that on a later date.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Planting on a windy Sunday afternoon

It's a very windy grey Sunday here today so I decided to add a few bits of colour to the wood. I planted a winter Jasmine climber at the base of one of the arches, I only have one more arch to plant then they will all have a plant, the other plants already in are more jasmine, honeysuckle and passion flowers.
I then planted some  white heather near the lorry along with a few various daffodil bulbs along the pathway.
The Conkers are all sprouting so I have made a small trough mulched down with leaves for them to grow in. I also have some potted up in the greenhouse which are growing nicely.

I then planted a few snowdrop bulbs and bluebell bulbs. The bluebells are all around the silver birch trees at the bottom of the wood.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

In the garden a hare is running

Yesterday I boarded a train to Cambridge and after a short bus ride I arrived to meet Nikolay my Russian balalaika teacher. Nikolay studied the balalaika in school and I was very impressed seeing someone in person play this instrument so beautifully. My first lesson was going over the basics and I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it. I now own a case for my balalaika which made it easy to carry.
The lesson lasted an hour and a half and I came away with much to practise.Nikolay said he was told "when his mother was making soup he should practise". Today I learnt my first little Russian Folk song called "In the garden a hare is running".
I am now returning to practise after having a short break to write this blog. But I will leave you with a few more photos of the snowdrops.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Mosaic number two

Yesterday I started the second mosaic. This one is of a leaping hare. The green is from an old plant pot that broke.
I rummaged around in some old boxes in the garage and found some lighter brown jars, so now it is all finished.

Then once it has set i'll grout them both at the same time.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Broken plates-mosaic one.

It's a very cold and windy Sunday here so after walking the dogs across the fields I decided to make a start on the mosaics that will eventually go inside the outside toilet we are building in the wood (out of old recycled bottles mostly). These mosaics will line the inside walls of the toilet, along with a painting I have chosen from  one of my tattoos.
The hare mosaic is just made up of old broken plates, no fancy equipment just a towel and a hammer used to break up the plates.
I am loosely glueing them down to keep their place then once all the gaps have been filled in I will grout them. This one is approx. 14" x16" and as I have never done one of these before it is all trail and error. The rim of the plates making the mosaic rather lumpy instead of flat but that doesn't bother me.I had to simplify the eye and ears in the end.
 Now it can set overnight. I would also like to wish Kate a very happy birthday for Tuesday x

Tuesday, 4 February 2014


There is hope that spring is just around the corner. My aconites and snowdrops are appearing in the wood
 I planted them last May. They look lovely in the sunshine that we are having today. I am always grateful when February is over and thankful its a short month. We have had a lot of water resting on top of the land, but no way as much as the unlucky people in the south.
The buds are now coming through on the trees
and we even have a few leaves too. The Earth is rejuvenating and the rebirth of another year is appearing before us once again.