Sunday, 28 December 2014

The December Hare

Today I painted another hare oil painting, I decided with the fading winter light to take a different approach, and even though it is out of my comfort zone I painted this one without layering, or tweeking

I've called it The December Hare. I might go back in a day or two and change it but for now here is how she stands.
I have changed from painting in my studio to my little study so the light reaches me, it's quite a different feel. Also I have started a few more hare paintings.....more photos to follow when they are finished.

Thursday, 18 December 2014


The puppet I have been making over the summer has finally had its head attached this morning. It is now ready to have the face painted and a few more finishing touches then it is totally finished.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

No more leaky window

The other day I finally got the little awning up to go over the leaky window. After a long weekend of rain, and having the sofa cushions soaked, it's a relief.

And early this morning the railway sleepers arrived so we can lift the lorry up and save the tyres from rotting. Next plan of action after that is to build a small decking area on the other side, which will be roofed and also will have a wall of windows , somewhat like a greenhouse-conservatory effect.

On a slightly different note, I have a new postcard in my etsy shop, ideal for Winter Solstice-Christmas cards!

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Long may I wander

It was a foggy start to today here but my new postcards arrived and are now available in my etsy shop called "Long my I wander"

Monday, 10 November 2014

New arrivals

Three new postcards available in my Etsy shop~just listed.
They are called~
"Born to roam"
"Nettle soup" and
"My seasonal larder"

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Vagabond stationery

I have opened a little etsy shop selling some of my photographs that I've had made up into A6 postcards, here are the first three designs

She played the balalaika
In the bluebell wood
Setting up camp.

I have a few more designs being made up as we speak. Each comes with its own envelope in a cellophane bag. I will see how these sell and then possibly I will get some cards etc made. Feel free to come and have a browse

Sunday, 19 October 2014

A poem

                                "She played the balalaika" ~A poem by Ronnie  (Jan '14)

As they walked closer to the light of the fire in the distance
their ears began to hear strange sounds in the wind
A gentle soft melody broken by the trees rustling overhead
The silohettes could be made out as they drew closer
Everyone gathered round forming a circle around the chitty
The atmosphere was electric
silent but for this beautiful music coming from one woman
she was sat on a small stool by the edge of the fire
and in her lap she held a triangular shaped guitar
But it did not sound like anything they'd heard from before
the notes flowed together gently
unlike the strumming from a guitar
It was so peaceful
so captivating
that they just stopped and stared
scared to break her rythme
On she played her fingers moving over the three strings
It was so provoking
It took them all to a different cultural space
Yet all still rooted to the spot in the woods
She played many pieces
Olde Russian songs she knew from her homeland
before she stopped
and stood up throwing the instrument gently over her shoulders
Bidding everyone goodnight as she retired to her wagon

She played the balalaika
and that night was the first time I came across its music
The music that will live on in my heart
always and forever
I felt priviledged
Even after many years I can still
no matter where I am
close my eyes and be transported back to that night
by the fire
to the night the balalaika captured my ears
my heart
my soul
and I am eternally grateful.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Meet Oliver

August was a bad month for me with my allergies so I haven't been building, instead I repaired my old bike that has been in the old stable for the past ten years, riding has become my new hobby.
Then September came around quicker than expected so I started building again. The red car door slowly began to dissappear into the build and I started building the breeze blocks into walls.
The first of three stained glass windows was put in on the middle wall. I put it in the sideways to start with but the following day I removed in and placed it on its side
It really is very colourful when the sun shines through the bottles
Then the second stained glass window went in, the red car door is now almost fully covered and built in. I decided to keep the smaller window by adding a coloured plate and the bottom to a butter/cheese dish to make another stained glass window effect.
I have began to build up on the back wall where the wooden window frame will be going, ready for it to be placed in after its glazed.

These last two photos are how the build now stands todate. I have put in the old milk bottle I found in a vintage shop in London while visiting my daughter, I swapped it for a vintage dress I was hoping to sell. It is by the side of the second stained glass window in the middle wall. It has really began to take shape now and in the evening while relaxing with the dogs I have begun to work out what I will be making the roof out of. I have many ideas including rubber tiles made from recycled car tyres to a meadow ~grass roof.

We have had a new addition to our little family by the way of a very handsome little boy called Oliver. He is a dachshund and he has settled in so well with the girls. He is just so adorable.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Doors and windows

I have added a few more bags of mortar to the build so here are a few photo to catch you up before I tell you about the doors and windows~
When the sun catches the bottles they really do look like little gems. Hopefully you will be able to see it growing taller with each photo

I bought an old wooden window frame from a reclaimation yard for £5 with the pain of glass thrown in, and I bought a car door from a scrap yard for £10, these are going to be the two windows in the build. The car door was from an Hyundai Atoz.
Then this morning the door frame was built and the car door positioned ready to be build into the wall.
Then a delivery of mortar and 100mm celcon blocks arrived, ready for the next days building.
I have added a few crystals into the bottle bricks also which i have dotted around here and there in the walls.
So after a very hot day I have now caught up with my blogging.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Every build should be dated

It has been a few weeks since I last added to the wall, but I have been busy making the bricks in the meantime.This is row eight~bag eight.
I bought the orange/yellow bowls from charity shops, and my daughter thinks the large one looks like a sunflower.
Every build should be dated so I have added a 2014 coin to my build on one of the corners.(There's Booty in the background trying to catch her mole, she tries every day to no avail!)

It is really starting to take shape now and look alot more colourful. I am hoping to build it up next week, weather permitting.
Here are a few bottles I recently found in charity shops waiting to be made into bricks.