Friday, 25 October 2013

Six more Hornbeam trees planted

This morning my daughter and I bagged up the coins in the big bottle we have in the kitchen filled with spare change and ended up with over £30 so off I went to the bank and nursery and came back with six Hornbeam trees bought for £29.
I have dotted them about the field and the sun came out to watch the planting. Enjoy the photos.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Five new trees and the start of a small stone circle

This morning I planted five new trees, two field maples (Acer campestre), a hornbeam (Carpinus betulus), liquidambar styraciflua worplesdon and finally a hankerchief tree davidia involucrata. Please excuse me if I have spelt any of them wrongly. They are all now mulched too, having collected another two wheel barrow loads full of compost from my neighbours again.
I visited my mums new place yesterday and found a beautiful stone which I have brought back to start a small stone circle in the wood. If you look closely you can see it has a face. Just need a few more to complete the circle which will be another project to finish over the years. Hope you enjoy the photos.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Using the griddle over the fire-pit (part two)

After lunch I decided to try out the griddle over the fire-pit. Starting on the low level which was warmer I cooked hot piri chicken (from the seasoning I had already made up).
It cooked really fast as the pieces were small, then I moved it up higher to cook slower. The result was in the eating, yum! The fire-pit is a big success.

Here is an old photo of the chitty  tripod in use before I had the fire-pit

Cooking lunch on the fire-pit (part one)

After I had built the fire-pit I placed the chitty (cooking tripod) around it. The benches I got from my mum had been sanded down and re painted so they were put back out next to the pit.
My first meal was beet root and vegetable soup which I made just in time for lunch. It soon heated up, a well deserved meal. There is something special about eating and cooking outdoors.

The making of the fire-pit

Earlier this week our washing machine broke, and I had an idea make a fire-pit out of the old drum. The hardest part was getting it out, but I did it eventually and started digging a hole.
I used eleven regraded house bricks and half a bag of 10mm stone which came to about £5. The old dustbin lid is to shut it off if ever I need to put it out before it burns out, and to keep the rain out when not in use. I love on it is in the next blog.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

In goes the Walnut tree

This morning when we  arrived back from the dog walk I noticed the Walnut tree (Juglans regia) had been delivered. I have planted it at the top end of the wood. There is something really special about planting a tree, it's a for-filling feeling and knowing that your children will get to enjoy the wood and their children too is just an added bonus.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

A barrow of manure, two free trees and marrows

Yesterday I bought a walnut tree for the wood so this morning I set off to my neighbours Jean and Tony with my barrow to collect some manure/compost and I came away with two free trees, a Hazel  and a Rowan and some marrows (which will be added to my veggie lasagne I had planned to cook later for tea). I am  very fortunate to have lovely neighbours on all sides.
I planted the Hazel near the conifer by the wall and the Rowan down near the bottom where the silver birch trees are going to be planted. Booty saw me digging and decided she would contribute by digging up the mole hills. It was a misty morning but it is trying to lift now. Hopefully the walnut tree will be delivered today.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

A short video

This is a short video I made by stringing together still photographs. It was taken a few years ago while I was converting the lorry. Before the painting of the hares, the outside, the red wall and even before it was parked in Bedford Wood...... I really must get more trees in there if it's to become a wood.
So sit back, make a cup of tea and enjoy.

Monday, 14 October 2013


It's October and the greenhouse is full with the herbs left over from the summer and I have spend this morning putting the dried herbs into storage jars.the hanging baskets are still full with pansies which I intend to put into ice cube trays to freeze. I tried some lemon balm ice cubes and they turned out well,  I think I might try some mint today as well before I cut it all back.
The old bench I got from my mum has been sanded and painted with wood preserving paint and it's now out next to where the second campfire is going eventually which will be used for cooking with my tripod chitty. The other benches have been sanded this morning and hopefully will be back out in a few days. The lorry has had its wood burner going to keep it warm, it's really cosy in there with it on. If you look carefully you might see the smoke coming out of the Chinese hat.
Right still lots more to do so I better get on with them.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Hares and rain.

Yesterday I had some spare time so I finished the faces of the hares on the flag. Next week I will hunt  around the charity shops to find some material to back it. I also have been adding material each day to the hare sculpture, which is also nearly finished.
I can't wait to see them both in the wood, flying high and sitting tall. The weather today is rain, rain and even more rain.
I have been sanding down the old table and bench that my mum has given me, and if the rain holds off I am hoping to get the last coats of wood paint on them. They look as good as new almost,  not bad to say they are around 25 years old. 

Monday, 7 October 2013

The full van

Today I went over in a van to collect a few things from my mums before she moves. I ended up coming back with a van full including an old carpet from her store room which I have laid down in place where I want to start my vegetable patch, next year and a mini green house frame we found in an over grown part of her garden. I also came away with two water butts which will harvest the rain water from the lorry once the guttering is put up, an old bench and table we had when I was growing up, ideal for the plans I have for the second campfire where I will cook, and a lovely old trolley which is like a moveable bench, it has two flat tyres At the moment, but with a bit of TLC, they will be ideal. Also a conifer which I have planted in the field already. What great finds, now having a new loving home.

A lazy Sunday in the lorry

Sundays are great to just sit in the lorry and appreciate the things you have done since this project started. Put on some vinyl and spend the day reading up on the herbal qualities of plants.Relaxing.
The herbs  are drying in the cab really well now since I first put them in this summer, it acts as a great little greenhouse. Through the cab I can see the little wood store I have made out of an old chicken hut. One of my other projects is to add a gate/door entrance in the bottom hedge with an old door i salvaged , adding  a little footbridge over the ditch. I am currently making a patchwork flag too which is almost finished, and a sculpture too but more on that another day.