Monday, 23 December 2013

The first Winter Solstice in Bedford Wood

Last Saturday was the Winter Solstice and we held our first winter gathering in the wood. The rain and the gales did not stop us, although we could not light the two campfires and chimenea. The composting loo was dug out at the entrance to the wood
with lights leading down to the lorry, and beyond that the christmas tree and tent, which we have now affectionly named "the sardine tin"
The food and drink were laid out in the tent, and decorations
There was Sloe gin for the people who drank alcohol, and ginger drinks for those who didn't, also various soft drinks for the kids.
The patchwork hares made an excellent back drop to the food table on which was mainly vegan delights with a few vegetarian options and a few meat trays brought by family and friends. We roasted the chestnuts in the house as we could not light the firepit, but they seem to go down just as well.
The wishing bunting was made from strips of material in red, gold and green. We also had the Bedford Wood Little Library, where people could take books, to either keep return or swap.
 The lorrys woodburner was blazing away making the lorry a place for people to warm up and escape the gales. I managed to take these photos just before the torches were spotted along the lanes carried by family, friends and neighbours. Everyone clammed into the tent and lorry with standing room only, but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.So I would just like to wish everyone Solstice Greetings, and now that the days will be getting longer we look forward to the Summer Solstice.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Red skies at night

Once again last night the sky was filled with the most amazing hues, we have been truly blessed with the morning and evening colours lighting up the skies recently.There are some photos taken in Bedford Wood yesterday evening.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

The Christmas tree has been planted

This morning with the help of my neighbours Howard and Gayle we dug up the Christmas tree, and it now sits in the wood already for the Solstice. Isn't it lovely?  The two hundred canes are in now all placed waiting for the big planting.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Mild misty December mornings

November mornings brought red glorious skies but so far December has brought only mist. The weather is so mild for this time of year, and with only nineteen days to go until the Solstice and the promise of longer days its hard to believe winter is almost here. The hazy sun is trying its hardest to break out.
I have decided to put an arch over the gate at the end of the wood where the sloe hedge will grow. At the other side I am adding a folly doorway in the hedge, and maybe a few steps down onto the bridge. I have not sourced another long plank yet but hopefully it will be all ready by the Summer Solstice.

I spend yesterday afternoon making tree guards for the last few trees without them out of chicken wire. The total tree count to date is 39, without facturing in the holly bush, conifers, berry bushes etc. Today I am going to mow the winding path around the outside of the wood sow we can plant the trees around it.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Fagin -the sit on mower

After a few minor adjustments to the sit on mower and trickle charging the battery it is now up and running, and the wood has had its first cut. I have called the mower Fagin, as I started out with full pockets and after all that jiggling I ended up with empty ones! It was so easy to use and go in between the arches too. I am very pleased.
I also planted two new trees an oak and a horse chestnut which were given to me by a friend. The
 horse chestnut was grown from a conker by Sunny her daughter who was three at the time, now fifteen. Now she can come and watch it grow tall in Bedford Wood. Thank you x

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Waiting for the two hundred trees

November is almost over and today we had lovely sunshine. It was quite warm although I still lit the woodburner in the lorry. I have been out and about foraging rosehips on my daily walks making rosehip syrup. Here is a song that a fellow blogger introduced me to which I would like to share with you~

The bonfire is out now and it has been all levelled waiting for the trees to arrive. Tomorrow I get to have a go on the sit on mower for the very first time, so hopefully I will be whizzing past with my dreds flying in the! Then we are putting in sticks where the trees will be planted, we have two hundred so we will soon know if they are all going to fit in, along with the 30-40 trees already planted. Bedford Wood will soon be created. We have had some lovely sunsets and sunrises this month, and sometimes in the early morning fog the lorry looks great.
I have decided to leave the ramp on the back of the lorry over the winter and in the spring it will get taken off to form the platform on which I plan to do yoga, put out beanbags, even the table for dining al fresco. In less than a month we will be celebrating the Winters Solstice here, its coming so fast. But for now all I can do is wait for the trees to arive. I have said no to Sycamores and Yew, and yes to native trees like Oak, Silver Birch, Beech etc. Hopefully in my next post you will see them.

Monday, 18 November 2013

We now have a footbridge.

I was given two really long planks from a Friend of mine to make a footbridge with so I dug either side of the ditch and laid them down, there's room for one more if I can Find another one to match. It has made a smashing little footbridge at the end of the field/wood.
It's quite springy to walk over but it does the job. I added a gate and now I just have to clear the shrubs and brambles to make way for the door in the hedge side. It makes a second entrance to the wood.

We had a bonfire at the weekend clearing away the rubbish left over from when we had the ditch cleared out to make way for the tree planting. I think we are added about 200 trees so it will feel like a proper wood then.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

A finished flag

Today I finished my patchwork flag for the wood. I don't have a pole yet but hopefully it will be flying high next summer.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Hare sculpture

Today I finally put out my hare sculpture, the varnish has made it shiny but I'm hoping it will dull with time.
We will see if it's waterproof after we have some rain, or morning dew. I hope to make many more sculptures, and one day maybe even a kinetic wind sculpture.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Jasmine, honeysuckle and Passion flower

Yesterday we made the seven arches that go around the first campfire. We bend them into shape and placed them into the ground with stakes to secure them, hopefully they will withstand the wind.
I then planted jasmine, honeysuckle and Passion flowers around the bases. They should look nice by next summer. I also added the second stone to the circle.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Making plans for the arches

In a weeks time we will be bending the new arches into shape to form a circle around the first campfire. I will grow jasmine, passion flower, honeysuckle etc up them.
The poles roughly map out where they will go. We also decided where the new trees will be going for the big planting, watch this space.

Friday, 25 October 2013

Six more Hornbeam trees planted

This morning my daughter and I bagged up the coins in the big bottle we have in the kitchen filled with spare change and ended up with over £30 so off I went to the bank and nursery and came back with six Hornbeam trees bought for £29.
I have dotted them about the field and the sun came out to watch the planting. Enjoy the photos.